A strong team

with ambition

Three passionate entrepreneurs united to give MARK its recognizable heartbeat. Please meet Wouter, Sofie and Thomas.

Wouter and Sofie are known among Antwerp book lovers as the owners of renowned bookshop ‘t Stad Leest (Facebook | Instagram).

They are also the founders of gift shop Wunderkammer (Facebook | Instagram), which now proudly shares its store space with Mark.

Thomas, too, has a scope of interest that reaches far beyond Mark. This young entrepeneur is a well-known face among cyclists in Antwerp, as he owns bike shop De Geus (Facebook | Instagram).


Together we stand strong

There are no truer words: together we stand strong. Only with the help of many lovely people who, over time, joined the team we managed to become who we are now: Antwerp’s most beloved gift shop.



Would you like to join the MARK team? We are currently hiring student workers.


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